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#55. NO.6 Manga Coloring

Series: No.6
Character: Sion
Time: about 2 hours (and the result really bad -__-;)
Tools: Photoshop CS4 & Mouse

DA Page           Original Version

oh yesh you can say this is really failed one since I rarely doing manga coloring. and now I tried to be better but failed ;A;. AND YESH NO.6! START UP. When first time I saw no.6 I was like oh "ANOTHER ALLENxKANDA" makes me curious overloaded so might to check out. plus sci-fi it's my fav genre of anime and it's shounen-ai makes me KYAAA *adores too much of this series"
ah and yesh I made another alternative icons of this picture


alternative icons: (sighs I was searching nezumi larger picture -_-;)


❤Comment is optional but appreciated
❤Textless icons are not bases
❤Credit when taking
watch for more updates/see our affiliate
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Tags: &maker: chiyabubbles05, tags: !coloring, ♥no.6
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